The idea behind Dinner Club.

We live in an era where talking to someone precedes 20 filters, 50 swipes and 100 texts. Whatever happened to a great conversation with someone new and unexpected at a friend’s party? At Dinner Club, that’s what we are trying to orchestrate, albeit virtually. Going on a Dinner Club date could change how you date forever.

How Dinner Club works.

When you sign up on Dinner Club, you won’t know who you’re meeting until you are on the date. When you sign up, we try to understand your vibe. Based on a hunch, we set you up on a blind date with who we think you're likely to get along with, in the club. A second date with the same person is arranged only on double opt-in. Through each date, we learn more about you. Being nice on a date earns you rewards.

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What we value at Dinner Club.

We value trust and kindness above all. We take utmost care possible to ensure that we’ve vetted all members for apparent genuineness before we set you up on a date. We trust you to act responsibly to ensure this is a safe space for all members. We also believe that a little kindness can go a long way. Being open, allowing others to talk or simply turning up is kind. Ghosting is simply not okay. We trust that you feel like you can afford a bit of kindness towards others.

Why subscribe to this newsletter.

Dinner club is an experimental project. All communication with members of the club happens over email. We don’t spam, but we write to you once a week updating you on happenings of the club. When you subscribe to this newsletter, you get full access to all communication on Dinner Club, and never miss an update. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox. So if you haven’t already subscribed to this newsletter, you better do so now.

Join Dinner Club.

If sitting on the sidelines watching the club isn’t enough, sign up on Dinner Club today, and be a part of a community that is curious to explore the brand new world of virtual blind dating.

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