Launching soon

This is even better than I imagined

Hello Dinner Club fam,

Your response has been overwhelming. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting more than 10 sign ups when I randomly said I’ll launch a dating project because I was half joking. But, wow, we’re now just 5 days away from the BIG LAUNCH, huh?

So, I am writing to tell you what I’ve been upto and what’s in store for the Launch because you are my super Beta users.

I was a little tired of pointing people everywhere to learn about Dinner Club and sign up, so I made a simple website in case you want to invite your friends. I’m no techie, but if you guys have any suggestions to help make things clearer for new people coming in, I’d love to hear.


I’ve managed to go through all your sign up forms, looked through all your social media handles and have a basic understanding of who you are. Those of you who’ve already submitted your introductory videos, I can’t thank you enough. It’s been eye-opening to see how differently one perceives video vs text. Based on a hunch, I’ve made a few preliminary matches. Currently, only 25% of the members qualify to be set up on dates as I don’t have videos from the rest of you.

Post launch, you will no longer be able to edit your forms, so please send in your videos before 25th June 2020 (Thursday).

What’s being launched

  • Virtual Blind Dates: I’ll be setting up only two dates this Thursday (8PM and 9PM) so I can be available in case of any issues. So, the lucky 4 who get to go on dates this week, you’ll hear from me by Monday. Gradually, I expect to increase this number, and also beyond Thursdays. Those of you with completed applications, and possible matches, you can expect to hear from me over the following days.

  • Complementary Services: Sometimes it’s not enough to just be able to meet someone new. You’ve to be clear on your preferences, know what to say on a date or be able to take a conversation forward. Whether you’re about to go on a Dinner Club date, or a date elsewhere, you’ve access to my coaching services.

Cool Date ideas

A blind date is strange enough, but having to do that with two screens in between is definitely next level. So, in order to make things a little easier, I want to use this section every week to share a cool date idea that you could try on your date.

It’s always nice to start off on a positive note especially with all that’s been going on in the world. So, this week’s date idea revolves around rekindling positive personal memories that hopefully aren’t too personal to be shared with a stranger.

Wear comfortable clothes, settle down in front of your laptop with a nice cup of cocoa/ hot chocolate. Ask each other the following questions:

  • What is your favourite childhood memory?

  • What is the scariest thing you’ve done in your entire life?

  • When was the first time you ever had a crush on someone?

  • In what ways has this date positively surprised you?

Humans of Dinner Club

I’d like this section to be a fixture in this newsletter. Every week, I’d love to share a bio/ line/ quote that I absolute enjoyed reading among the new sign ups each week. This will not include any personal information. If any of you want to be excluded from this section, please don’t hesitate to write to me. It’s okay.


Members can host events for other Club members as a way to get to know one another. This can be a quiz or a class or whatever you fancy. When you want to host an event, you can send in a request and I’ll pick upto two requests a month starting next month to advertise here for the rest of the club.


Sharing things I’ve read, watched, listened to or written/ said myself.