Dinner Club Launch

Hello Dinner Club fam,

It’s finally 25th of June, and DINNER CLUB is officially launched today.

So, what’s happening tonight?

Our very first blind date is happening tonight (IST)!

There are 3 dates planned for tonight, and 6 people have been chosen to go on these dates. These people received calendar invites for their dates 3 days ago, which is the usual heads up I will give you when I set you up on a date. So, if you haven’t already received a calendar invite from me this week, don’t panic. It is by design. You will hear from me, when you hear from me.

I am sorry if I wasn’t very clear about what was going to happen today, and that you’d to shower this morning. :D

If you didn’t get lucky tonight…

Don’t freak out. I am human, and I can only organize a handful of dates each week as I am optimising for experience on the date. Save yourself some angst, and be pissed off with me instead.

At the moment, only 60% of you have now submitted an introductory video (thank you very much), and so I’ll make matches based on that. Those of you who will be going on dates next Thursday will hear from me by the weekend. For starters, only Thursdays are date nights. And don’t worry, we’ll pick up pace and have more of you going on dates on every day of the week soon enough.

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, if you’ve submitted an application without sending in your video, unfortunately, I won’t be able to set you up just as yet. Once you’ve sent in a complete application including a video, you will be eligible for your first date. Although you can no longer edit your application, you can upload your 1-min video on google drive and make it shared with pri.bharadwaj@gmail.com.

If you’re freaking out…

Write to me

I am all ears, always!